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Hey, Hey. Hey I wrote a new story. I hope you enjoy it. I wrote a lot of personal experience into this. CN mental health, anxiety, trauma, police Interactions She wondered if people were looking at her. What might they be thinking? They probably didn’t even notice her, but what if they did? It didn’t…

I dont want to go

Huii I wrote a story. It turned out to be a weird one. I think. Anyway hope you like it I guess. CN suicide/attempts, death, psychiatric hospital “…Okay, so we are going to talk again when we do our round on Monday, but I think we can release you on Tuesday. Does that sound good?”,…


Finally got around to writing another story. I hope you like. CN mental health 1:“I seem to have some problems with my memory lately“ 2:“what do you mean?“ 1:“I keep forgetting stuff or adding little things that never happened. I think i hear the doorbell and when i later asked who rang I get told…

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